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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Two master ports in a trunk.

Hi People,

     I have this issue. I have two directors connected by two fibres joining two separate sites, forming a trunk with a master and a slave. The other day we needed to replace a fibre by another one which goes by another "road", always joining both sites. The thing is that once we connect the new fibre, both port become Master. They both are in the same quad. Any idea why this can happen?

thanx in advance


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Re: Two master ports in a trunk.

Hi Gabriel,

could you post the output of 'trunkshow' on the switches?

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Re: Two master ports in a trunk.

Can you please check if you have now two ISL or two trunks with just one link. Different cable length can cause that no trunk is formed.

If you post trunkshow output please add portcfgshow of each port.



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Re: Two master ports in a trunk.


As Andreas pointed out, it seems that now you have two one-member trunks and that's why you see two masters. An easy way to check the reason why the two ISLs did not formed a single 2-member trunk can be shown with command:

trunkdebug <port1> <port2>

that will tell you the reason why the two ports do not merge into a sigle trunk (probably due to the deskew between them...)


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