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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Two fabrics, different FOS versions


I want to update and reorganize my SAN network and for this we have acquired 2 6520 switches.

I do not want to create ISLs between the existing switches and the new ones, to make the migration, my idea is to create 2 new fabrics in parallel, create or import the final zones and move the fibers from a switch to the new one.

I will temporarily have a path of ESXi hosts in switches version 7.2 (old) and another path in version 8.0 (new 6520)

Is there a problem or limitation for having this 2 fabric scenario in different versions?

Thank you very much

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Re: Two fabrics, different FOS versions



if both Fabric's old and new are isolated ( no-ISL ) then you can work with different FOS Release


if you want to ISL old and new Switches, keep in mind at least FOS 7.3.1 or later is required in order to Interoperate with FOS 8.x


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