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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Trunk between different switch

Hi !
Question - how correctly to trunk connect switches of different type?
For example ,  48 port blade on DCX and 4900

It''s a different  ASIC - Condor and Condor2

About  rule for trunk 0-7 ,8-15 etc I know

But  мe confuses different generations

Whether I should use identical ports-groups and identical ports?
Whether use of groups different port is admissible  - for example  14-15 and  62-63 port ?

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Re: Trunk between different switch

Hi Andrew,

There is no problem trunking between different generation switches. You do not need to use identical ports on the two switches nor the same port groups. You can trunk from ports 0 and 1 on one switch to ports  62 and 63 on the other, for example. Indeed, in a core edge configuration, it would be impossible to trunk using the same ports on all switches.

Hope this helps,


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Re: Trunk between different switch

You have disseminated my doubts


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Re: Trunk between different switch

Not mine. Are the ASCI borders the same on all Condor2 blades? What are the ASCI port bounderies on a FC8-64 blade? Are they 0-7, 8-14 and so on? Where can I find documentation on all blades, regarding ASICs?


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Re: Trunk between different switch


FC8-64 is has 4 Condor2 ASICs:

- Ports 0-7 and 48-55 are managed by ASIC 0.

- Ports 8-15 and 56-63 are managed by ASIC 1.

- Ports 16-23 and 40-47 are managed by ASIC 2.

- Ports 24-39 are managed by ASIC 3.

You can search within mybrocade, there you will find info about the blades.


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