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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Troubleshooting the switch

     HI All

I am bit confused with different readings from webtool and telnet, see the screens

Webtool show port status as persistently disabled and telnet have status online

port 5 is showing U port, although server is connected   

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Re: Troubleshooting the switch

Hi u.mane,

I personally tend to trust CLI more than GUI.

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Re: Troubleshooting the switch

It appears to be you are looking at port 5 on the GUI and port 1 on the CLI.

GUI port 5  show U_PORTand CLI port 5   AN NoSync, they are the same.  Auto

Negotiated port that is not in sync should be an U_PORT.

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Re: Troubleshooting the switch

looks funny.

Did you try to delete all Java files and temporary internet files and login a second time into Webtools with the same result?


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Re: Troubleshooting the switch

Both GUI and CLI are showing the same status (GUI: U-Port and CLI:No_Sync), there is no difference in port status for Port # 05.

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Re: Troubleshooting the switch

yes port 5 and port 17 have same out put with both cli and web tool. rest of them do not agree with each others,

may be i am looking it wrong way.

Any idea how do i resolve the U port for port 5, i want it to be online. does it mean server HBA have some issue.

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Re: Troubleshooting the switch

Pardon my ignorance but are we looking at the same switch?? Reason I ask is that ports 0 to 16 are copper based SFP's or internal blade connected links. (Given the fact it its a Dell box I assume the latter which is connected to a Clarion box)

If so what is the firmware on this box? There have been issues with the webtools software.

Also as Andreas mentioned, clear all java cache junk and cookies and retry.

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Re: Troubleshooting the switch

That was very nice, you are right it is Dell Shipped switch supporting blade servers. I did not know its copper connected internally,

we are looking at same switch. other switch have same story of gui and cli .

I posted this since I was interested to sort out problem with port 5 too

from control panel>java>>view (Temporary Internet files )  I deleted all the cache

Please correct me if i have to delete from other location ?

SW-M5424-Left:admin> version
Fabric OS:  v6.2.0c
Made on:    Mon Feb 23 19:37:00 2009
Flash:      Fri Oct 23 00:27:49 2009
BootProm:   1.0.6


I  +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

output of other switch


  0   0   --    N8   No_Module
  1   1   cu    N8   Online           F-Port  20:02:00:26:b9:30:b8:b*
  2   2   cu    N8   Online           F-Port  20:02:00:26:b9:30:b8:c*
  3   3   cu    N8   Online           F-Port  20:02:00:26:b9:30:b8:d*
  4   4   cu    N8   Online           F-Port  20:02:00:26:b9:30:b8:e*
  5   5   cu    N8   Online           F-Port  20:02:00:26:b9:30:b8:f*
  6   6   cu    N8   Online           F-Port  20:02:00:26:b9:30:b8:f*
  7   7   cu    AN   No_Sync          Disabled (Persistent)
  8   8   cu    AN   No_Sync          Disabled (Persistent)
  9   9   cu    AN   No_Sync          Disabled (Persistent)
10  10   cu    AN   No_Sync          Disabled (Persistent)
11  11   cu    AN   No_Sync          Disabled (Persistent)
12  12   cu    AN   No_Sync          Disabled (Persistent)
13  13   cu    AN   No_Sync          Disabled (Persistent)
14  14   cu    AN   No_Sync          Disabled (Persistent)
15  15   cu    AN   No_Sync          Disabled (Persistent)
16  16   cu    AN   No_Sync          Disabled (Persistent)
17  17   id    N8   Online           F-Port  50:06:01:66:44:60:2f:1*
18  18   id    N8   No_Light
19  19   id    N8   No_Light
20  20   id    N8   No_Light
21  21   --    N8   No_Module
22  22   --    N8   No_Module
23  23   --    N8   No_Module

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Re: Troubleshooting the switch

from Web tool, for port 5 i click on persistent disable and then persistent enable.

now its showing online from web tool aswell as well  from cli.  now it is  F-port

i will ignore web tool for other ports,

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