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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Topology Maps with large fabrics

Hello, We purchased Fabric Manager 4.0, and whenever I open Topology , it takes about 10-15 minutes to display everything. Anytime I move objects around it takes another 10-15 minutes, we have 2 fabrics with about 30 switches in each one. Am I missing something, or do you guys not support this many? We are using the client/server method

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Re: Topology Maps with large fabrics

There will be a performance hit in creating the topology view with two fabrics of 30 switches and the greater the number of links, the worse the hit. However, 10-15 minutes is inordinately long. We commonly see roughly a 1-2 minute delay in similar scenarios. Is there anything else going on at your site that may be contributing to this? Is this happening every time or is this a one-tine occurrence?Brocade Connect Site Manager

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Re: Topology Maps with large fabrics

It seems like your Web-browser. Please check your current explorer version and FM 4.0 document for recommended compatible version.

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