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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Top port traffic - how much is too much?

I have redundant 8G DCX SAN Directors.  On Network Advisor Top Port Traffic view, I have two IBM SVC nodes that consistently show as red (with Rx traffic  rates over 100MB/s).  In fact, all 8 ports of that IO Group are consistently listed in the top ports, in either red, yellow or orange.  What can I do to alleviate the traffic jam and do I have a real problem or is 100MB/s not really an issue?


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Re: Top port traffic - how much is too much?



As per the the info provided below;


SFP speed is 8Gbps so it can support to a max of 800 MB/s

So when u say that the RX is 100 MB/sec it is very much okay. it is merely 10 % utilized, it can go upto 75 % of the actual through put.


The above comments are dependant on the speed of other end device even


You have an optio to  Change the threshold values on the SAN Dashboard of BNA.

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Re: Top port traffic - how much is too much?

I agree with thrinath.seelam. With SVC, you have other much more critical parameters to take care, like latency and IOPS. And you have to monitor them twice - on the frontend side and on the backend side as well. But you can't monitor these parameters from the switch. Unless you are already able to configure FLOW, which is apparently only available starting from 16G.

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