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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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The Connection of Brocade 7800 to Cisco L3 SW

Hi. I connected Brocade 7800 to Cisco Catalyst 2960G.

They work very well if I set speed 10M or 100M. However, I have problem with speed 1000(1G). Actually I can't set Brocade 7800 to speed 1G (auto-nego=yes). Is it bug? normally happen to everybody?

yes, I had been talk to Brocade support center about this problem already. They said they knew there are little problem if I set Brocade 7800 to speed 1G. (someone tell me what is meaning of little problem)... If I set auto-nego=no on both side ( Brocade and cisco at this time) 1G would be work completely. But If I set Brocade 7800 to auto-nego=no...I can't see 1G on command line anymore.

I want to hear some feedback or any recommend please...

Best Regards,


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