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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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The 'Amazing' Missing Switch Table

Sometime last week (for the second time) our installed version of Fabric Manager (5.1.0) stopped displaying the 'Switches' table/page when it's selected. This applies to all fabrics, all switch groups and any connected client (which suggest to me that it is a problem with the FM server). I've stopped/started the FM server, rebooted the server and re-installed the client. All to no avail. The last time this happened I had to re-install FM from scratch (losing all the nice historical data in the process).

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Re: The 'Amazing' Missing Switch Table

Alaistar, save the FM db "fabman.db" bevor you reinstall, usually you can uninstall and install an Fresh version from FM w/o lost all historical Data. FM 5.2 is very easy, but i am not sure is this work whit fabOS 4.4.x


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