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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Taking over admin of Brocade 300 - Best Practices / upgrade questions

Hi everyone,


I have recently taken on supporting 6 Brocade 300 FC Switches.  They are covered by maintenance and I would like to upgrade them from their slight mismatch of OS versions up to all be on the same version and also configure the roles to be correct as it appears some are subordinate that shouldn't be and things are a little messy and need new ISL's set up etc.


I understand they can be upgraded in stages so I hope to do this soon.  Is there any sort of 'best practices' I should be doing on them?  I remember in my previous job we would clear the port stats each month and also run SAN Health Check.  Are these worth doing?  I was reading about a network check too I could use?


What does everyone else do?  I want to get the Brocades nice and tidy!  I know there have been issues accessing the GUI recently and think these are Java related but a colleague thinks this can be fixed by upgrading them...has anyone else heard this?


Many thanks in advance,




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Re: Taking over admin of Brocade 300 - Best Practices / upgrade questions

We have 6 switches as well, (4 M5424, and 2 300 models) they are all set as individual fabrics, no ISLs, running 7.3.0. We dont run SAN health either. Brocade has a guide called "SAN Fabric Resiliency" that I found really useful, also "SAN design best pratices" was helpful.


I find these blogs really usefull when I have questions as well:



For the GUI, If you are running the most current version of JAVA or close to it the GUI will not work for you even if you upgrade. I doubt 7.4.0 fixes the issue either. I had to use the GUI becuase I accidently blocked ssh access via IPFilter and I had to roll back to Java 7_22 from 8_51 to get it to work. There are a few work arounds that people have posted to the forum if you search "FOS java issue" if you security team will aloow you to do so.


When I inherited these switches I had to clean up the zones (multiple initiators per zone) configure tacacs/radius, ntp, syslog, etc.....

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Re: Taking over admin of Brocade 300 - Best Practices / upgrade questions

Sorry KBToyota I thought I had replied to say thank you for your comments!  So 'thank you' again!  I will have a look through all of these ready before I work on upgrading them etc.


All the best, Donna

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