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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Switch reboot procedure

I am a newbie in the fibre channel world.

I need advice regarding the recommended procedure for rebooting a switch.

I have two switches (Brocade 300), each in separate fabrics. All hosts are connected to both switches and have multi path drivers installed. I have to reboot both switches due to a license upgrade to full fabric. As i understand it, the reboot command will be disruptive for the current fabric?

Should i just reboot the switches with a few minutes apart, letting the servers discover the path failures them self, or is there a way to do it more gracefully?

..Or am i just worring to much?

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Re: Switch reboot procedure

Hey, I'd confirm that your servers are actually using both fabrics and that multipathing failover works (check traffic per host, disconnect one cable on one server, many ways to check). I'd wait a bit more than a couple of minutes in between. Give it half an hour or hour, just to make sure it's safe, check logs, etc.

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