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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Switch migration

Hello, we currently have two FCR7500 switches, 16 ports.  WE purchased two new silkworm 300's, 24 ports and want to migrate everything off the 7500's onto the 300's.

I am just looking for best practice for this procedure.  The switches serve up an Hitachi SAN to 4 ESX hosts, all with two HBA's.  We will also be connecting a new Compellent SAN to the infrastructure so the 4 ESX hosts will be connected to both SANs in the end.

WOuld it be best to move one of the HBA connections for the ESX hosts and two of the four SAN connections, to the new 300, zone it verify connectivity, then move the remaining connections?

Or is it best to ISL the switches together then just move the connections to the new switches?

Thank you.

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Re: Switch migration

If all hosts have redundant connections to the SAN Switches and considering the small number of connections involved:

Pre Zone on new switches per fabric

pick a good maintenance window and move an entire fabric at one time, check all paths to disk after move, if showing redundant paths to disk repaet on second fabric.

We just completed this same migration in one of our remote offices in the manner describes above. Worked great

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