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Switch Upgrade and Fabric Split

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I have one fabric consisting of:

2x 5100 OS Ver  6.4.3b (switch a,b)

2x 6505 OS Ver 7.1.0c  (switch c,d)

3x ISL: a-c, b-d, c-d


The important systems are all connected with multipathing.


I now want to

1) replace the two 5100 with 2 new 6505 switches (e+f)

2) split the 1 fabric into 2 fabrics

3) update to the newest OS

4) Rename zones with new convention


What is the best migration path with the least risk and lowest downtimes?

a) Install FOS 7.1.0c on the new switches (or is a later Version supported in a mixed fabric with 6.4.3b)?

b) connect the new switches per isl into the old fabric? connect e-c and f-d?

c) Once zoning Information loaded into new switches unplug cables from a+b to e+f

d) once a+b empty take down isl ports a-c and b-d

e) Is it then best to run one fabric with an old 6505 and a new 6505 (so next lifecyle easier to swap one switch in each fabric) ?

f) Follow Update Path 7.1.0c to 8.1.x for Fabric 1 then Fabric 2


Alternative should I download the zone config files from the old fabric and load them into the new switches. Set this up as fabric 2 and use a "Rip-and-Replace Migration Method"? I could dave a lot of time with by installing the latest FOS from the start.

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