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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Switch Upgrade Path Questions


I'm faced with upgrading our SAN infrastructure which has two fabrics, each with an assortment of switches ranging from 3850s, 4100, and 5000 series to a more recent FOS version and I'm looking to validate the approach that I'll be taking.  It's a CE A/B topology, and within each fabric, there are two cores and six edge switches. In what order should the update happen? I'm thinking that for each fabric, do both cores first, one at a time, then each edge switch. Then upgrade other side of the fabric.

Also, how can I find out if there are any known bugs or gotchas when going from one version to the next in a stepped approach to achieve a more current

version? For example, some switches are down at 5.0.1b and I'll be taking them up to 6.1.0c by major feature releases (think x.y.z, with y being the major

feature release), and with this in mind, my 4100 upgrade path includes going from 5.0.1b to 5.1.0d to 5.2.2 to 5.3.0b to 6.0.0c to 6.1.0c.

I'm somewhat nervous given the number of upgrades which lie ahead of me in oder to become more current, and would just like to vett the approach.

Thoughts, concerns?


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Re: Switch Upgrade Path Questions


the better and safest procedure in its case is your upgrade first all switch to any FabOS 5.3 release and then upgrade all other switch in the fabric 4100 und 5000 series switch to any v6 FabOS release wich is Full compatible with FOS 5.

Please note here your must make sure that all component in they SAN - HBA Array Firmware and Driver- are full compatible approved and or certified with the FOS Release.

Exact compatibility details beetwen both FOS release can you find in the release notes.


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