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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Switch Panic

Currently having issues when applying zone changes running v5.3.0a when applying the changes the switches in the ibm blade centres panic with the following

2008/09/30-06:35:35, , 54071, FFDC, WARNING, brocade4Gb, kSWD: Detect

ed unexpected termination of: ''zoned:0'RfP=786,RgP=786,DfP=0,died=1,rt=17268



Does anyone have any ideas? From what ive read the firmware im running should not exibit this problem.


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Re: Switch Panic


see the Message reference Guide for details.


Message <timestamp>, , <sequence-number>, FFDC, WARNING, <system-name>, kSWD:

<Warning message>.

Probable Cause Indicates a warning state within the system.

A critical application error was reported in the watchdog subsystem. Refer to the string at the end

of the error message for specific information. The switch will reboot (on single-CP switches) or

failover (on dual-CP switches).

The warning message will be any one of the following:

  • <Detected unexpected termination of: <daemon name>>

Probable Cause: One of the critical daemons ended unexpectedly.

  • <<daemon name> failed to refresh SWD*** Sending SIGABRT to pid <process id number>>

Probable Cause: One of the critical daemons is found to be nonresponsive; sending signal




SIGABRT is the signal thrown by the programs to abort the process. Run the supportSave command

to determine, if any core files were created. If a core file is found, run supportFtp to send all core

files to a secure server location.

Copy the warning message along with any core file information, and contact your switch service


Severity WARNING



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