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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Switch Monitoring

Recently our M48K SAN switch CP got hanged due to high CPU utilization. Basically we were told CALD process could not handle any FOS command and we physically reset the  active CP to recover back to normal operations.

Do we have any monitoring for the CALD services or CPU utilization ?

We got the latest MIB file for 6.4.x series, previosuly the SNMP was configured but i am not receiving any alerts. I am getting erros when i try to modify SNMP setting. I need some help in this as well.

I heard about flapping ISL ports, but can i need some commands and relevant output values which will confirm that i have flapping ports before go to brocade support. Flapping is specific to ISL port or any ports ?

I had one customer server going through ISL in M5000 model, which had regular session  drop out in application level. After removing the ISL dependency the system is back to  normal. But i would like to know the root cause.

Slow drain devices as well, i do have some idea about it. I am really looking for some commands and output value which will confirm that i am hit by slow drain device issue.

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