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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Suggested replacements for Fabric Switching.

Hi all.

Firstly thank for taking the time to read my post. I am looking for some assistance in selecting replacement Fabric switching for our aged Brocade 5000's.


I would be interested to hear what considerations you use in selection of your Fabric switching. At present we run a pair of 8X-12GM-4 (Brocade 5000). These have done a great job for the last 5 year now. We have invested heavily in FC cards for servers and other devices such as SAN and would like to continue to leverage this investment.


Although the current FC switch is limited to 4gb many of the devices we have in situ support 8gb or 16gb speeds. Our overall usage is low/medium iops generally are around between 800 and 1200.


Anyway any suggested considerations and or suggested products would be appreciated.


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Re: Suggested replacements for Fabric Switching.

It's a bit difficult without knowing what you expect in growth for the forseeable future.

I mean a b5000 is a 32 port switch, while having nodes able to do 16Gb.


On that basis only the 6510 would be enough (48 ports still 1U and 16Gb capability).

But if you expect more ports needed on a short term, you could go for a bigger pizzabox model.

Alternatively you could by a new switch when the need arises and extend your fabric.

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Re: Suggested replacements for Fabric Switching.

i think a couple of 6510s (as suggested by dion.v.d.c.) or even 6520s will be good for you. note that you don't have to by all the ports, some ports might be left unlicensed for future growth.

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