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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Structured fiber cabling

Hi we are currently using Brocade Directors and basically home-runing the fiber  from the hosts. We are considering moving to a structured cabling solution, using fiber "patch panels" I guess you could say in all the racks going back to distribution points, etc.

I was reading the Brocade Tech Note "Measuring Fiber Optic Link Loss" and now I am very concerned this is a bad idea. For instance the vendor of these structure cabling solutions say we could lose 0.5db per connection point, and it looks like fiber connection would go from being a home-run to going through 3 distribution points, which could mean 6 connections.

That document I mentioned states that 8Gb FC has a link loss budget of only 2.19 db(om4). So if I am reading this document correctly, going through 6 connections at 0.5 db loss we would only be able to achieve 4Gb, not 8Gb?

Maybe someone could elaborate on this document, db loss and structured cabling.


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