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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Speed Mismatch / Incompatible SFP Brocade 2498

Hello, since we've installed new SFP, switch shows error



Firstly I thought it's because firmware version which was 6.1. But I did upgrade up to 7.2 and nothing changed.


Is this error serious? Can we leave it like this? Maybe the vendor is wrong, please help.

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Re: Speed Mismatch / Incompatible SFP Brocade 2498

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according to your pictures you inserted 8gbps sfps into your switch that are not brocade labeled, that means it wont work, brocade limited the use of sfps from other vendors.


see this post


and many other on this forums dealing with the same issue.


in short


8gpbs plattform uses only brocade sfps.


ibm system storage solutions handbook

read the grey box beneath the picutere on page 417

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Re: Speed Mismatch / Incompatible SFP Brocade 2498

Thank you so much for replay, its looks like we need order new SFTP.

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