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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Single Mode and Multimode ...please help

we are having Brocade200e switch with netapp FAS 3070 filers attached to it. One of our customer wants to extend his host connectivity from a building that is 1.5 km (approx) from our Data center. As per discussion he is going to lay a single mode fiber channel connectivity to our switch. All our current SFP / cabling are ( 50/125 micron at 4 gbps).

How can the connectivity made on the switch wrto - single and multi mode. Is there any single mode SFP availble on brocade 200e ? If yes, what is the part number? can single mode and multi mode SFP work on brocade 200 e?

If this is not possible, wat is the best soution.

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Re: Single Mode and Multimode ...please help

for 1,5 KM Distance you need LX SFP.

LX is generally Single Mode, and you need Single Mode cable 9/125

here the weblink to Brocade SFP, or see in the Matrix Guide for other Approved SFP, as example Finisar are Supported.

Port must be set as LE.

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Re: Single Mode and Multimode ...please help


we have a similar ask here as well. We need to extend our fabric to another building. Its not far - maybe 300 yards however the fiber run is Single Mode.

The devices we have are 249824E's loaded with SFP's all using multi mode fiber.

Q: can you tell me exactly what SFP we need to purchase to support a single mode connection into our 249824E's? I looked over the link you poseted and I cannot easily identify what transceiver we need.



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Re: Single Mode and Multimode ...please help


--->>> The devices we have are 249824E's....

Is this the Switch Part Number ?

Sho to me as IBM SAN24B-4 ( Genuine Brocade 300 )

to ensure that, log as telnet try the command "switchshow" see in the Line Switch Type, you can find the Brocade Genuine Model Number in this DOC

A SFP Matrix from Brocade is also for download available

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Re: Single Mode and Multimode ...please help

The best way is to contact your vendor, they know ur environment. They can suggest you better. You can get the knowledge from this forum.Do not jump  to the conclusion if you have a production environment without taking suggestion from your SW vendor

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