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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Single Mode SFP's

What licenses, settings, etc. are needed when using single mode SFP's in a DCX?  What are the best practices, ie. I understand it's not recommended to mixe SM and MM SFP's on the same card.

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Re: Single Mode SFP's

Hi there,

You don't need any special license to use SM SFPs, but you need that Fabric extended license in case you want to use these SFPs to connect switchs which are more than 10Km away from each other.

When it comes to best practices, I have never faced any issue having SM and MM SFPs mixed in the same ASIC.



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Re: Single Mode SFP's


if you want to use SFP in DCX, they have to be Brocade branded. All other SFP will not work.

You can use SM and MM SFP's on the same ASIC.



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