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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Single 200e and EMC CX3-40c Zoning


I have an EMC CX3-40c and I have a single 200e switch that I am going to configure and was hoping to get some feedback on best practices with a single switch.

First off this will be for a test environment so I am not as concerned with having 2 switches right now.  But I want to make sure I do not cause myself issues with my zoning.

Here is what I was going to do with the connections:

Port 0 - Test Server (VMware Host)

Port 1 - EMC1A1

Port 2 - EMC2B1

Port 8 - EMC1A2

Port 9 - EMC2B2

Now my questions are:

Would there be any zoning issues if I created one zone and put all 5 members into the zone?

Is it better to create 2 zones one for the Host and one for the EMC ports?

Do I even need the 2nd set of EMC ports for redundancy?

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


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Re: Single 200e and EMC CX3-40c Zoning

Zoning basically determines which WWN can talk to which WWN, that means which host HBA to which  storage port.

Consider you have a single HBA and single array then the zone would contain HBA1+EMC1A1+EMC1B2, if you have a second HBA then next zone wuld have HBA2+EMC1A2+EMC1B1.  The only difference when you have a second switch for redundancy then the second zone would be on the second switch, which is ideally called a separe fabric in brocade terminology.

here the second HBA will avoid the SPOF with HBA, plus additional path for the IO  traffic.  Similary addiotional EMC ports A2,B1 gives additional load balancing. But you can manage  with even single HBA and just A1,B2. As you know clariion typically refered as active/passive array and even you lose SPA , you can still survive with SPB as clairrion takes care of the fail over and redundancy internally.

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Re: Single 200e and EMC CX3-40c Zoning

I plan on using only one HBA and one 200e, my production environments are utilizing all my other switches so having a SPOF is expected since it is only a test environment.

Just to be clear your recommending just using  HBA1+EMC1A1+EMC1B2 and not using the other two SP connections is that right?  Although there should not be any issues with using all 4 SP connections in a zone with the HBA correct?

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Re: Single 200e and EMC CX3-40c Zoning

Technically there is no problem with either and both options can work.

Brocade best practice in general is to create single initiator zones, one for tape and one for disk.

I would like to expand that with single initiator, single target.

We can depate what a single target is, albeit the port of an array or the whole array, but use what best fits you.

Why setup zoning in this way?

Consider you buying a 2nd array.

By single zoning initiator with array's, the array's are able to communicate (replication for instance) with each other through the host zone.

I prefer to control why or how my array can talk to each other and would therefor create a replication zone for this purpose,

and make sure the arrays arent grouped together in other zones.

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Re: Single 200e and EMC CX3-40c Zoning

Thank you for the feedback dion.v.d.c!  I have all my production environment with my SAN and UCS covered with a primary and DR site but with this being a test environment that can stay or go I am not worried about it the way I am with my production data.

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