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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Simple Port Map spreadsheet

I'm new to SAN switch management.  I'm at a new site and need to become familiar with the switch configuration.


What is the best way of identifying which device is connected to a port; want to make a port map spreadsheet.


I've used portshow for each port and this gives some good information.  I also used the GUI.  I would first just like to record the F Port information.


Any information on this is welcome.






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Re: Simple Port Map spreadsheet



with "nsshow" and "nsallshow" command you get the output all connected device

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Re: Simple Port Map spreadsheet

Antonio, thanks for these commands.  The nsshow gives concise connected device information and I will use this to cross check the output from the other commands and GUI.

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Re: Simple Port Map spreadsheet

In addition you could use the "Brocade SAN Health Diagnostic" Tool. This is a free of charge tool from Brocade, which you can download here:

(or just search for Brocade SAN Health)


This tool collects information from all your switches (via telnet or ssh), encrypts and compresses the collected data and send them to Brocade. Be aware that some customers won't allow this, even if you hide the IP-information for the switches. So better ask your customer. In reply (guaranteed "within two working days" but usually after two to 4 hours) you get a detailed Excel-Spreadsheet withh all the information of your fabric and your switches, including ports and zoning. And you get a Visio-Drawing with the layout of your SAN and the connected devices.

If need be, you also could measure the performance for a given period of time (1 minute to 48 hours max).



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Re: Simple Port Map spreadsheet

This was quite some time ago but using SAN Health is the best way to get your SAN ports under control. It's a great start giving you a wealth of information, likely more than what you would be looking to document.


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