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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Silkworm 200e switch upgrade process and path

I blindly inherited management of a pair of Silkworm 200e fibre channel switchs with hosts plugged into both for failover I presume.


Neither has been updated since 2007.  Each are Rev. A04 and are running Kernal 2.4.19, FOS v5.2.2 and BootProm 4.5.3.


Question 1:  What is the most current, STABLE FOS release that will run on these switches?


Question 2:  Can I upgrade directly to the latest FOS or are there intermediate FOSs I need to upgrade to?


Question 3:  Not having any experience with FOS, what is the safest way to upgrade each ensuring a successful upgrade?  Any command references to look at would be awesome.





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Re: Silkworm 200e switch upgrade process and path



This switch is End Of Life and End Of Service for long time now.

Also latest FOS are not compatible and latest FOS for this product is End of Availability.

My recommendation will be to stay at the curent version if the environment is stable and no particular need or defect resolution.





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