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Silkworm 200E Password reset.

I have a production 200E thats fine. I purchased a spera 200E but I do not have any passwords. I also purchased a maintenence contract on the second 200E, but there is some dispute between EMC and Brocade and I still have no password reset. Anyway, it seems from reading some of the posts, I can reset the password via the fabric. How do I do this. I have been waiting for my contract to be settled for a month, and I new need this switch.

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Re: Silkworm 200E Password reset.

connect trugh serial cable:3) Enter command shell.

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Re: Silkworm 200E Password reset.

Option 2 in that menu is for the boot PROM password, it will not reset the FOS passwords. You need to get EMC to give you the password recovery procedure.

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