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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SilkWorm 3200 Fibre Channel

I have  an EMC CLARiiON with two brocade 3200 switch's Fibre Channel and I need  to configure, where I can get the software for administration of these  switch's?

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Re: SilkWorm 3200 Fibre Channel

trough the GUI called webtools or the command line.

another software like Fabric Manager ( is not longer available )

or EFCM is EOL

for FM and EFCM must purchas a license, for arond 10K USD

DCFM not support the 3200.

such management software are intended to use for a large fabric, and not make sense to use with two small 3200 switches.

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Re: SilkWorm 3200 Fibre Channel

This can be done by using FabricWatch.

FabricWatch can send alters when links goes up and down as well if devices logs in or out.

Fabricwatch need a separate license.

It is not needed to sniff for frames if you are looking for basic overall fabric events.

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