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Shutting down a DCX-4S

We have a Brocade DCX-4S in one of our buildings.

the building will be performing electrical maintenance and the Director will lose all power.

1) If power is ripped out from under the director, once power is restored will the director come up normally ?

2) Since this is a planned outage, should I issue a "sysShutdown" to shutdown the Brocade subsystems.

Will the power switches on the power supplies have to be manually toggled.  They will be left in the on position so when power is restored I would think the DCX-4S should automatically power on and start up.

The documentation on the DCX-4S says the following:

switch::admin> sysshutdown

This command will shutdown the operating systems on your switch.

You are required to power-cycle the switch in order to restore operation.

What is meant by "power-cycle". The two toggles on the power supplies will remain in the on position while the building power is shutdown. So once power is restored would that be considered a power cycle ?

Any thoughts or advice ?

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Re: Shutting down a DCX-4S

--->>> What is meant by "power-cycle".

Power OFF

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Re: Shutting down a DCX-4S

the answer is partially correct..POWER CYCLE in the documentation  means you have to TOGGLE the POWER SWITCH OFF and ON..

In light on the question/scenario..if you issue the sysshutdown command, the switch os will be in init 0 and the power switch still on ON position... As the given scenario that there's a power outage after the sysshutdown command, the switch will boot normally when power is restored. No physical intervention is required.

YOU HAVE TO PHYSICALLY POWER OFF and ON (POWER CYCLE) the switches in order for the switch to boot. - This is applies only when the main power source is active after the sysshutdown command and restore the switch to normal mode.

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