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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Should I use the default logical switch?

This question can be summed up like this:  are there any reasons to avoid using the default logical switch, FID 128?

Here's the details: I'm somewhat new to this and implementing two new 8510s and I have all the basic config in place, plus all the zoning created.  We are going to run in Virtual Fabric mode (rather then Admin Domains).  We have two chassis, and in the beginning we will start off with each chassis needing only one local switch in it.  They will NOT be interconnected.  The two logical switches will be a "Left" and a "Right" fabric.  It's almost like we won't need the Virtual Fabric feature set at all, except that about an year down the road we expect to put in a 2nd logical switch per chassis (also will be isolated fabrics).  It's also possible that somewhere down the road we will want to take the "Left" side and ISL it with another logical switch to make a bigger "Left" fabric.  Same for the "Right" side, of course.  Also, I'll need to do some routing from my "Left" and "Right" fabrics to a remote data center at some point.

So, given all that, is it a good idea for me to use the default logical switch?  What do the best practices say?


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Re: Should I use the default logical switch?


I can see no reason for you not to use the default switch with FID 128.

With regards expanding and creating new LS in the chassis, you might plan ahead now, with using the ports on the chassis in the default switch with regards port groups etc. For routing later on the between the 2 fabrics you need to have a base switch configured.

And if you want to merge the FIDs on the 2 chassis in the future use the XISL feature. Remember that the XISL will have a higher cost of +10 then a DISL (Dedicated ISL) so you could use that as a redundant link etc.



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Re: Should I use the default logical switch?

Hi Ed,

best practise from Brocade is to use the default logical switch as storage for unused ports.

This is no recommendation.

It is your decision how you are using the default switch.

Regards Ralf

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Re: Should I use the default logical switch?

Hi Ralf,

You are correct.

But Alex said, has already the everything configured for the default switch, so he might as well use the default switch. If there are unused ports in it or not, should not make any difference. He can always persistent disable them.

If he wants to have a extra LS to "park" unused ports, he can create a new LS and moved the unused ports in there. That will be the less of the two.



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