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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Setting up new Brocade 6510 to existing 300's

Our environment consists of 6 Brocades (4 are SLKWRM 200 4GB and 2 are SLKWRM 300 8GB). 2 Fabrics. We just bought 2 new Brocade 6510's. How do I set up the ISL to link these 2 new 6510s to our existing brocade environment? Can the ISL cable just go from 6510 to the last SLKWRM 300 8GB switch on Fabric 1 and the 2nd ISL to the last 300 switch on Fabric 2?

Is the ISL a specific cable (or just fiber cable) and will the brocades immediately recognize that port as the ISL port (or is another configuration necessary)?

Pardon my lack of knowledge but I have inherited this environmet and am trying to determine the proper procedures.

Thank you very much.


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Re: Setting up new Brocade 6510 to existing 300's

Hi, Firstable, you must to verify the fabOS compatibility.

For example, with FABOS 7.3, Brocade 200E, needs v.6.2.2 and brocade 300 supports 7.x.

If you dont use administrative domains, only would need to plug the new switches in a fabric.Instead.

Oscar Reina

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