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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Server to Server, via fiber switch

Complete newbie here, as you'll guess by the nature of the question. We have several of our servers connected to a disk array via Brocade 3800. But is it possible to connect server internal disks/filesystems to other servers via fiber instead of ethernet ? Can one do this in a heterogenous environment? HP, Sun, Windows? Answers that point me in the right direction or to other resources would be nice. You don't need to respond in detail. Something along the lines of "Yes, you'd use Quick loop for that" or Zoning, or whatever happens to be the answer. TIA

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Re: Server to Server, via fiber switch

fibre channel devices normally operate as either an initiator (host with HBA) or as a target device (FC disk or tape). what you are trying to do is initiator to initiator. you could configure the HBAs to use IP over FC and export a filesystem on a local/internal disk as NFS/CIFs. this would be identical to IP over Ethernet- each interface would have an IP address. this is best left to Ethernet though unless you have specific need to send your IP traffic though the fabric.

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