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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Series of Alerts including FFDC

Hello All,

I've seen few errors as below in series. Are these something I need to consider as Priority???

May I know what exactly is FFDC mean? and How this can be used????

Trace dump (Slot 5) was not transferred because trace auto-FTP disabled.
Trace dump available (Slot 5)! (reason: FFDC)
Security violation: Login failure attempt via HTTP. IP Addr:
First failure data capture (FFDC) event occurred.
A log message was dropped

Thanks Everyone..

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Re: Series of Alerts including FFDC

a part of the answer is in the question: FFDC is "First Failure Data Capture"

and yes, you should treat this as priority, collect supportsave and open the case with your support provider

good luck!

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Re: Series of Alerts including FFDC

In addition to Alexey post, Usually these messages appear as a consequence of some previous failure, normally a switch daemon that fails. Depending of the deaemon, it could be more or less critical and most of the times a FOS ugprade fixes it.


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