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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Separate fabric

I have a fabric with two brocades (B16 and B32), so they're sharing the zonning configuration for my servers.

Now I need to separate into two isolated fabrics, but they are in production and I can't stop my servers. How can I achieve it?

The B32 is the principal and the B16 is the secundary, if I just cut off the ISL between them, what would happen? The zonning would be kept in both SAN Switchs? It will be possible to create new zonning configs in the secundary (B16)? Is it possible to convert the secundary to principal?


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Re: Separate fabric

As soon as no initiators access remote targets (ie. from B16 to B32 or from B32 to B16), cutting off ISL should not impact local traffic (only fabric reconfigure).

Zoning configuration will be kept on both switches. You'll be able to modify it but then won't be able to go back to a single fabric (segmented fabric due to zoning conflict)

You don't have to convert B16 from secondary to principal, it will be automatically principal as a single switch in the fabric




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Re: Separate fabric


Thanks for the reply,I have just more 2 doubts:

- This behavior has something to do with FOS 6.x? I'm still using 5.x and I'll be able to update it only after this procedure.

- You said that the conversion from secondary to principal would be automatically, so I'm understand that when I cut off the comunication between them I don't have to do anything? I thought I'd had to change the switch ID, or something like that...


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Re: Separate fabric


what David says is right.

The procedure will work for 5.x as well. The principal switch is no real topic. One switch will get the principal per fabric. In general the switch with the lowest WWN will get the principal.

Don't change the DomainID!

You have to disable the switch. Depending on the OS versions you will get mayor issues.


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