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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Segmented Switch entries after short connection between wrong fabric members....

Hi all 


I am reffering to this topic


I know that the thread about segmentation has been talked about a lot in the past BUT I just wan to be sure.


I have a Fabric A in dataenter 1 with 2 switches (Switch 0 and Switch 1) in it (principal Switch 0) and have a Fabric B in dataenter 1 with 2 switches (Switch 3 and Switch 4) in it (principal Switch 3).


On the other side I do have Switch 5 which SHOULD belong to Fabric A (Switch 1,2 and 5) and I have switch 6 which Should belong the Fabric B (Switch 3,4,6).


Unfortunately the customer mixed up the dark fiber connection so I put Switch 6 (Fabric B) to Switch 1 and 2 (Fabric A)..... I realized that and REMOVED the wire from the switch BUT the switch downloaded the configuration from the other switches like zoning, aliases etc.


So I deleted the zoning, aliases and everything with "Clear All" on the GUI and I connected the Switch to Fabric B like it should and this worked BUT now I do have a "Segmented Fabric" Entry on Switch 6 which lists Fabric A Switches 1 and 2 and on these Switches I do have an entry for Swtich 6.




1) Is this a problem? Is there any bad impatct onto the functionality now or is it just a blemish?

2) Can I remove these "Segmented switch" entries somehow?


Thank you so much



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Re: Segmented Switch entries after short connection between wrong fabric members....



you may use commands bellow to determine why segmentation has occured.





When the fabric segmentation occure your E-Ports will go automatically offilne.

You may solve it only when you connect it to the fabric as it would be.


Please check if there is any running config on switch 6 - ( which should be new)


switchshow | grep -i zon

If its running you will see ON (

If yes, check if the E-Ports are disable.

Then disable config and remove it permanently from switch

Afterwards enable one E-Port and check again fabstatsshow and errdump if the segmenation will occure.



cfgdisable <>

Be aware that you are cleanning config on right non productiv switch.





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Marian Bezeg

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