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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Save active zone config as new config file

Hello Experts.


I am a newbie  to FC zoning and my question may seem a little  silly :smileyhappy: .


I am adding a few new hosts to my active zone config but i need a backout plan should an issue arises therefore,  I  want to save all exisiting and new zones  to a new config file. My idea is if  there are any issues i can re-ennable old config file .


PS i am using the  GUI ... If i add new hosts zones but save as new configuration file will the new  zone config retain existing host zone  information? Any gotchas i need to be aware ?


side note : is there a way to backup the existing config file ?


Thanks you in advance for your help


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Re: Save active zone config as new config file

You can save the config from GUI Tab on the Switch itself with different name i.e. config_name_backup or upload the corrent copy config trough FTP with "configupload" command

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Re: Save active zone config as new config file

Thank you . I'll create a backup config file

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