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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SW300 Config

Hi Everyone,

We are currently deploying 3 x SW300 for a customer. And i would like some recommendations and suggestions on how best to configure.

We have 2 sites(At either end of the campus, we have 4 fibre cross connects(2 for lan, 2 for san))

Rack ARack B
2 x Brocade SW300   SW1, SW21 x SW300 SW3
1 x Dell 3600F1 x Dell 3600F
5x  Dell 12003 x Dell 1200
2 x Dell R7102 x Dell R710
2 x Cisco 29601 x Cisco 2960


We will start with Rack A

The Servers have 2 dual port Brocade 835 cards, each card and each port going to either SW300

The 3600F has 8 ports(4 ports in use, each controller going to each switch)

Rack B

Servers again have dual cards, however only 1 port plugged into single SW300

Dell 3600 has each controller plugging into the SW300

We then have the 2 cross connects:

SW1 - > SW3

SW2 -> SW3

I have tried to configure, however i am getting these errors "(Segmented)(zone conflict)", Domain ID conflict(have now changed ID's), Port Zone Conflict and the uplink ports are flashing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated or any documentation with white papers would be great.

Normally we just plug the nodes directly into the 3600 but they wanted the 2 sites connected, and more redundancy. So a lil out of my comfort zone.


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Re: SW300 Config

since you want to ISL Switch1 and Switch2 to Switch3, and you build a Single Fabric,

what is the reason to connect 5x Dell 1200 Rack_A and other 3 to Rack_B ?

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Re: SW300 Config

a wise man once said too many backups is nearly enough

we are going to be doing VMDR to each end which will run at 8gb instead of 1gb through the network.

I will research how to build a fabric.


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Re: SW300 Config

--->>> a wise man once said too many backups is nearly enough


However I know another wise man, his name is Antonio alias TechHelp24

he say, in a Single Fabric design you have ZERO Failover.

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Re: SW300 Config

Wisely spoken wise man.

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