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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SNMP setting in Brocade Switches

Hello Everyone,


 I have to configure snmp setting in our environment for all SAN switches.

We have Brocade 5300 and DCX4 in our environment. Is there any brocade document which will cover all the steps for snmp configuration.

If anyone has any doc please share it with me.

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Re: SNMP setting in Brocade Switches


Refer FOS_CmdRef_v6.x OR v7.x. Manual.


Manages the SNMP agent configuration.
Synopsis snmpConfig --show | --set | --default [snmpv1 | snmpv3 | accessControl | mibCapability |
systemGroup | seclevel]
snmpConfig --set mibCapability [-mib_name mib_name [ -bitmask bit_mask]]
snmpConfig --enable |--disable mibCapability --mib_name mib_name [-trap_name trap_name]
snmpConfig --help

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