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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Registered: ‎05-07-2017



We are testing SNMP Trap (SNMP v1).

We use the command "snmpconfig --set snmpv1", and set the trap destination IP address, community name, and severity (3:WARNING).

We checked that test trap was successfully sent to destination by "snmptraps" command.


We think all WARNING events are sent, but it seems that the following events were not sent as SNMP Trap.


[TS-1001], 1255, FID 128, WARNING, xxxxxxxx, NTP Query failed: 1.

[C4-1014], 1806, CHASSIS, WARNING, IBM_8960_F64,  Link Reset on Port S0,P0(16) vc_no=0 crd(s)lost=7 auto trigger.


Is this the specification of FoS 8.1, or some of mulfunction was occured ?

Or are there any setting we must change from the default ?


If there exists all message/event list that were sent as SNMP Trap, we want to refer.



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