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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SNMP Configuration

Hi All,

In our setup we have got the switches running FOS 5.X & 6.X , we are planning to monitor these devices through some tool
with the help of SNMP,

I am not sure  how do set up the monitoring on Brocade Switches

If I am not wrong we need to set up some SNMP traps to capture the events occured at the switch

What is MIB & MIB file ? What is that I got to do with this ?
What is OID ?

When I spoke to tool development guy, he has asked me to Provide the OID

If any of you aware of seting up the SNMP based Tool Monitoring , Please help me

any clue or Link is very much appreciated

Thanks & Regards

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Re: SNMP Configuration

MIB file contains the Management Information. You'll need specific and multiple files for your FOS levels.

You can find them here >>

The MIB files are also contained within each Firmware release if i remember correctly.

What do you want with monitoring? Alerts,Performance... both?

Depending on what's already in use within your environment consider that first.

Other tools are Nagios and Cacti both are free, Solarwinds is not (to my knowledge)

You can also opt for DCFM which is free as Professional edition (with some limits).

DCFM is nowadays known as BNA.

Personally I've used Cacti as I needed perfomance data. Some Cacti templates for Brocade do exist, but where limited for my goals.

I ended up creating my own with the use of an MIB browser from iReasoning (free) and learning Cacti syntax (trail and error based).

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Re: SNMP Configuration

Hi Dion,

thanks for the response

One more silly Question, Where do I use this MIB file .. Do I need to upload this to Switch ??

or is that needs to be uploaded to the SNMP Proxy Server ??



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Re: SNMP Configuration

You need the MIB files on your SNMP server / tool. not on the switches.

The MIB files are only to decode the OID into useful names.

like this

OID --> will be translated into "sysDescr"

to get some useful names.

You have to separate two thinks.

1.) Traps are informations which send a SAN switch in case of a problem or alert which depends on your switch configuration to your SNMP management station.

2) SNMP requests. Tools like Cacti, Nagios or MRTG are using SNMP gets and SNMP walks to poll a switch for specific information like performance stats or system informations.

Have a closer look to to the Brocade MIB reference guide.

If you have no FabricWatch license you may can not query all information via SNMP.

I hope this helps,


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