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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SFPs compatible with CWDM?


I am in the process of installing a point to point Dark Fibre between two Data Centres for DR purposes. The sites are approx 8km apart, the cable run is estimated at approx 20km but I am being conservative and saying 30km. I intend to terminate the fibres on a Cisco CWDM unit that offer 8 Channels. I'll be using 6 of the channels for GBe using Cisco SFPs in the 1470 - 1610nm wavelength range.

The two remaining channels will be for two FC SAN fabrics terminating on Brocade 300 series FC switches at each end ie. four x 300 switches in total for two fabrics. We've designed the fabrics to perform Sync replication using 1Gbs FC but anything higher will be a bonus (this is not a high transaction environment).

The Brocade website implies that the 300's have SFPs compatible with CWDM but I am unable to find the part numbers or wavelength information (I need this to avoid channel/Wavelength  interference).The only SFP I can find is the 4Gbs FC SFP in the 1310nm range ( BROCADE 4 GBIT/SEC ELWL 30 KM). I know the Cisco SFPs are not compatible with Brocade so can't use them for FC.

So my problem is :

I need a  two Brocade compatible SFPs that can do two different CWDM channels that will not interfere with the Cisco CWDM channels. Two SFP's around the 1310 nm wavelength will be perfect

Anyone able to provide part numbers or a compatible SFP I can use?

Thanks in advance


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Re: SFPs compatible with CWDM?


Checkout the DCR Matrix at

This shows that the SmartOptics CWDM SFPs are fully supported.

SO-SFP-4GFC-50D-C47 4G CWDM - 1470 nm, 50 km

SO-SFP-4GFC-50D-C49 4G CWDM - 1490 nm, 50 km

SO-SFP-4GFC-50D-C51 4G CWDM - 1510 nm, 50 km

SO-SFP-4GFC-50D-C53 4G CWDM - 1530 nm, 50 km

SO-SFP-4GFC-50D-C55 4G CWDM - 1550 nm, 50 km

SO-SFP-4GFC_50D-C57 4G CWDM - 1570 nm, 50 km

SO-SFP-4GFC-50D-C59 4G CWDM - 1570 nm, 50 km

SO-SFP-4GFC-50D-C61 4G CWDM - 1610 nm, 50 km

Supported  in 200E, 4100, 4900, 5000, 7500, 48000,


300, 5100, 5300, DCX/DCX-4S

NOTE: Must be running FOS 6.2.0c

The SmartOptics units conform to ITU standard frequencies  so will work with the existing  Cisco CWDM mux kit.

Note there are also 8G CWDM units from SmartOptics qualified, these however must be used with SmartOptics own Multiplexer kit as it is unique in the market offfering 8G CWDM.



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Re: SFPs compatible with CWDM?


Excellent information and much appreciated!

Will get the kit together and let you know how I go.



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