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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SFP modules cleaning kit

hi Chaps,


preciated if someone can share equipment what do you use for SFP modules cleaning? Do you have some pracsis in your DC's to clean SFP's or LC connectors? any feedback is welcomme




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Re: SFP modules cleaning kit



I use the JSDU fiber Inspection and cleaning kit. With it you can inspect the cleanliness of SFPs and fibers and it also contains different products to clean them up.




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Re: SFP modules cleaning kit

one click cleaner




alcohol bottle and some pads




a lot of patience

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Re: SFP modules cleaning kit

Thank you for the advice, this looks like an all in one kit. ON the kit it says it has a power meter, what should the power ratings be for good connectivity? and what power rating do you adivse on replacing the fibre cable? I work in a very large SAN environment and its always a pain asking Ops to swap out the cable when we don't know for sure if the cable is good or bad.

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