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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SAN80B Firmware 7.x compatibility with LP8000

Hello ,

I want to know if Emulex LP8000 is compatible with SAN80B (5300) or not  .

I have an HP Alpha Server with LP8000 ( KGPSA-CA) FC HBA and when I try to attach This HBA to SAN80B it does not come online .

I tried replacing the cable ,changing the port Speed .But no luck.

Please advice

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Re: SAN80B Firmware 7.x compatibility with LP8000

Hi Gowhar,

The HP/Compaq/Digital KGPSA-CA (1Gb, PCI) FC HBA did not tested with 8Gb FC switches. So there is no official support.

But I think, it can work with 8Gb SAN enviroment, if you are using an lower speed (4/2/1Gb) SFP-s.

Another way (workaround)  is the reservation some 4Gb FC SAN switches for 1Gb HBA-s. (My customer has some old 1Gb Alpha systems, till now working. But they are do not connected to a 8Gb SAN director directly.)

Best regards,


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