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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SAN to SAN using F-Port

Hi Everyone,

I need to zone together 2 ports that are on physically separate ( A & B) SANs.  I don't want to ISL them and only need to have a few ports communicate.  I need to maintain the separate fabrics.

I am thinking that I could connect the 2 brocades together using F-Ports and then use those to zone together. Suchas:

Fabric A Zone includes the F-port and server port 1.  Fabric B zone includes its F-port and relative server port 2.  Hopefully then server port one would be able to communicate with server 2 without joining the fabrics.

Has anyone tried this?

Thanks for the help.

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Re: SAN to SAN using F-Port

Hi Nick,

Hmm ... the short answer is no, this won't work.

The longer answer is F_Ports only talk to N_Ports but not to each other (sort of like in-laws ;-) ). But, if you want independent fabrics and need devices in them to talk to each other, the solution is called Fibre Channel Routing (FCR).

Depending on what model switches and firmware you have, you maybe able to configure only a few ports as routing ports (known as EX_Ports) on a switch and then use LSAN zones to allow a device in Fabric A to talk directly to a device in Fabric B while keeping the fabrics isolated from each other (as in separate zoning data bases, security, management and policies).

I suggest you look at some of the fibre channel routing white papers in, read up on FCR in the FOS Administrator's guide to get an appreciation of what's involved.

I hope this helps.

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Re: SAN to SAN using F-Port

Thanks!  It's so close to ethernet that us network types can get  confused.  Thanks again!

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