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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SAN Switch reboots constantly


We have a SAN Switch 2/16 brocade 3800 (HP product number 287055-B21) firmware 3.2.1.c, which reboots constantly

When this switch is starting, shows this messages:

login: admin
Password:  passed.

Running Port Register Test .... passed.

Running Central Memory Test ... passed.

Running CMI Test .............. passed.

Running Turbo RAM Test ........ passed.

Running CAM Test ..............Feb 19 20:06:22
Panic: INCONSISTENT - pt0: cmi err, 0x42, 0x80000000

reset sema 0x102dc210 for tReceive
0x10327e20 (tSwitch): Feb 19 20:06:23
    CRITICAL DIAG-CAMINIT, 1, CAM Test, pass 1,
Pt0 (Bm0.0) Failed to Init: port not active,
Err# 223B


then the switch reboots. I disconnected the cables power, namely this switch is power off.

This switch is connected in a fabric mode.

Is this a hardware error ? If I disconnect all FC cables connected to switch and then start it, is it possible fix the issue ?

Thanks in advance

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Re: SAN Switch reboots constantly

Think its broken based on

Contact HP to gave it replaced if under contract.

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Re: SAN Switch reboots constantly

I would be surprised if HP would replce it. This switch is End-of-Support since last year.

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Re: SAN Switch reboots constantly


As Erwin wrote, this seems to be in EOSL so I don't see a good solution for it. The only thing that comes to my mind is that you try to boot from the secondary partition (in case this kind of switch have two...).

Good luck!

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