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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SAN Switch merger


I am facing this challenge.

i currently have 2 san networks.

SAN1  (2xEMC Connectrix ED-DCX8510-4B)

SAN2. (2xBrocade 6510 switches)


we want to consolidate them into 1 san network., (SAN1) and in the process retire the 2 switches SAN2 consists of.

the plan is to add all the config from SAN2 onto SAN1, and then move the cables from the 2 switches over into the 2 switches one by one.

is there an easy way to save all zoning andalias from SAN1 and add them to SAN2, and perhaps even add them to the zone configuration as well ?

Any help is apreciated.



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Re: SAN Switch merger



First at all, you wrote:


...and in the process retire the 2 switches SAN2......


continued there an easy way to save all zoning andalias from SAN1 and add them to SAN2......


well, when you say "retire the switches from SAN2" what is the reason you want save the config from SAN 1 into SAN2 ?


additional, there is no way to save/export a config and import to another switch in the same active config.


in such case no matter wich SAN you want to dismiss, you must create/add alias and zoning and save in the same config.


keep in mind, only one config at a time can be set to enable.


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Re: SAN Switch merger

Network Advisor can do a fabric merge (Zone merge).

It's not an "easy" option, but it is there. I have done this multiple times. The interface takes a bit of getting used to.


The quick down and dirty:


Step 1 - zone merge

Step 2 - verify zoning

Step 3 - connect cable between switches


Zone merging must be done on both switches. You'll be merging the 8510 zone database with the 6510. And, you'll also be merging the 6510 zone database with the 8510. They must match exactly.



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