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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SAN Switch 4/32B Displays "No_Light" Port Status

Good afternoon.  I'm trying to establish ISLs between our existing SAN Switch 4/32Bs (Brocade Silkworm 5000) and Cisco Nexus 5672UP-16Gs.  Unified port 22 on the Nexus switches are populated with Cisco 8Gb SW transceivers and were configured to autonegotiate, but I've since had them set to 4Gb thinking the connection couldn't negotiate properly.


I have port 11 on the SAN Switch 4/32Bs populated with HP 4Gb SW transceivers and an OM3 multimode LC/LC patching 4/32B to Nexus.  I confirmed port 11 is a licensed port on the 4/32Bs.  I've tried reconfiguring port 11 and disabling/enabling the port, but still only see a Port Status of No_Light.  Firmware on the 4/32Bs is old (6.4.1b), but I was reluctant to upgrade as these switches are pretty long in the tooth.


Port 15 on the 4/32Bs were already configured to support ISLs between the two 4/32Bs supporting Fabric A and the two 4/32Bs supporting Fabric B.  I thought I could just configure port 11 to match port 15 and would be good to go, but obviously that isn't the case.  What am I missing here?  Thank you.

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Re: SAN Switch 4/32B Displays "No_Light" Port Status

I'd have to double check the FOS level, but interop mode for connections between Cisco and Brocade was disabled long ago...

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Re: SAN Switch 4/32B Displays "No_Light" Port Status



that's simply not supported and wont work.


Notice that your B5000s are already End of Support for a long time, too.



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