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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SAN Switch 200E FOS Upgrade From v5.2.1b to v5.3.0

Hi Team,

I need performed a Firmware upgrade in a 200E Switch, but I see that the FOS is very old and I have read about the process for upgrade.


Im not very sure to the step by step for the versions olders, but I need make this at the first try if is possible.




I have configured a FTP Server with a Shared Folder named "Temp1" and IP


1º.- Put in my shared Folder (Temp1) the FOS v5.3.0

      The FOS V5.3.0 have a lot of directories and the Directory named SWBD34 is the 200E.


2º.- Telnet to the Switch 200E and login.


3º.- Save all configurations.


4º.- firmwaredownload

      Do you want to continue [Y]: y

      Server Name or IP Address:

      Username: anonymous


      File Name: /Temp1/v5.3.0/SWBD34/release.plist

   ór perhaps

      File Name: /Temp1/v5.3.0/release.plist

   ór perhaps

      File Name: /Temp1/v5.3.0/install




could anyone help me?


When I ´m on version 5.3.0, the path will be 6.2.2f:        v5.3.0  -----> v6.0.0c -----> 6.1.0a -----> 6.2.2f


Thanks a lot



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Re: SAN Switch 200E FOS Upgrade From v5.2.1b to v5.3.0



you must point download command to




and not to Sub-Folder.


Then follow the Official Brocade Upgrade path procedure




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