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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SAN Switch 200E FOS Upgrade From v5.2.1b to v5.3.0 Question-2

I need to make a Upgrade in a SW 200E from v5.2.1b to v5.3.0.


I have read in the Release Notes v5.3.0 this:


"In addition, prior to upgrading to v5.3.0 Device-based routing must not be in use, otherwise the upgrade will fail.


You can use the aptPolicy command to verify the routing policy."


I have executed this command and the results:



SAN_IBM_SW1:admin> aptpolicy
 Current Policy: 3


 3: Default Policy
 1: Port Based Routing Policy
 3: Exchange Based Routing Policy


I dont see Device-based routing , I see Port-Based Routing and Exchange-Based Routing.


Is ready for the upgrade?


Could anyone help me?


And if not too much trouble could someone explain which is device-based routing and Why is not in the command options?


Thanks a Lot.


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Re: SAN Switch 200E FOS Upgrade From v5.2.1b to v5.3.0 Question-2



Yes, the switch is ready for the upgrade because it is using Exchange Based Routing.


On the other hand, the definition of Device based routing is:


device-based routing, in which the choice of routing path is based on the Fibre Channel addresses of the source device (S_ID) and the destination device (D_ID), improving path utilization for better performance


And it seems that it is no longer used since FOS 5.




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