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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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SAN Connectivity problem M8428-k switch


i hope some one help me solving ann issue related to Dell SAN Switch M8428-k and CNA card BR-1741

we face a problem that not all blade server able to login to the switch , and these issue is floating from server to another , when we have like an example power failure , when ever the first card or server startup will be the first served. and the other card may lose its login.

ex. i have 3 blade servers in bay 1 ( full hight) , bay 8 and bay 14. so i have 4 connection ( 2 connection from first server {1, 9} , and 1 from 8 and one from 14)

we found that 2 are only loging ( 1, and 9 ) and 8 and 14 is not loging . if we disable all 4 ports and re-enable 8 and 14 before 1 and 9 , we will find 8 and 14 is loging fine and 1, and 9 are not able to login.

by the way we are not using convering network. we only connect our switch with Fiber cable directly to the EMC SAN Switch.

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Re: SAN Connectivity problem M8428-k switch

1. Have you opened a case with Dell TAC? What information are they sharing with you?

2. You need to be more specific with screen captures. When you say logging in do you mean logging into the 8428 or logging into the SAN / storage array?

3. Are you running VMWare on these blades or bare metal OS?

4. Have you loaded the most recent BIOS / driver for the 1741 CNA.

BTW in terms of converged this is a converged scenario you specified. The FCoE frames are received at the 8428 from the 1741, 'split-out' at the 8428 and forwarded out the Ethernet and FC ports within the chassis itself. Do you have a SAN switch attached to the FC ports? Is the 8428 FC side of the switch configured as SAN fabric or Access Gateway?

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Re: SAN Connectivity problem M8428-k switch

Any updates to this? I believe we are having the same issue...

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