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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Replacing 4100 with a 5100 in a fabric

I have a two 4100 switches in a fabric.  I wanted to upgrade one of the 4100's with a 5100 functionally. However, when I shutdown the 4100, upload the 4100's zoning configuration to the 5100, then attempt to join the 5100 to the fabric, the 5100 remains an isolated principal switch.

If I then dettach the 5100 and bring the 4100 backup, it joins the fabric?  I suspect I am missing some step(s) for upgrading a switch in a fabric.

thanks dwp

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Re: Replacing 4100 with a 5100 in a fabric


would you mind posting switchshow and the latest errDump entries from the switch you're trying to merge back into the fabric?

Segmentation means some fabric configuration mismatch, we just have to find out what exactly is wrong. Normally it would say something like "Segmented (incompatible)" or "Segmented (zone conflict)" which would give us a clue.


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Re: Replacing 4100 with a 5100 in a fabric

please post the errdump information from both switches.

I don't understand why you load the zoning information into the 5100.

If the 5100 has no zoning database it will get it from the running 4100.

You have to make sure that the 5100 has the same domian ID as the 4100 which you have shutdown.

This can be done if you disable the 5100 switch  with switchdisable command.

Then run the command configure and change under fabric parameters the switch ID.

After that run swithenable command.

Check if on the 5100 switch is no cfg is enabled and defzone is set to all access.

Last step connect the switches together. Check if the ISL has been formed correctly.

Switchshow and errdump commands will help you to find the important information.

If not post the errdumps and switchshow output from both switches.

Best regards,


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