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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Replace singlemode ISL with multimode

I have two 6510 switches running 7.4.1d in Test.  They are connected via DWDM, 2 ports trunked @ 8GB over a 40KM link. I want to remove these long distance ISLs and replace with shorter multimode fibre, as the switches are 2m away from each other. 


Is the best way to do this to connect 2 multimode ports then remove the other Trunk?  Will the new ports automatically register as E-ports? Will the trunk form automatically?  I may need to back the speed off to 8GB, it may come up at 16.  Do I need to worry about buffer credits with short distance?



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Re: Replace singlemode ISL with multimode



Yes you can remove 1 port from from DWDM, place multimode fiber with multimode SFPs on each side the switches. The ports will come up as e-port and will not form a trunk with the previous one as distance is different.

The best will be you change the configuration for those 2 ports for use standard short distance instead of long distance.

If you want to change speed from 8G to 16G, just change the speed on both side of the switches for concerned ports.

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