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Fibre Channel (SAN)

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Replace Fabric Principal Switch


I need to replace the principal switches on both sides of my fabric, as they are out of maintenance

This is my plan, Fabric A then B

  • Power up new switch and set new Domain ID
  • Backup Config
  • Join to the Fabric, single connection
  • Force new switch to be principal
    • OldSwitch:admin>fabricprincipal 0
    • NewSwitch:admin>fabricprincipal -f 1
  • Shutdown switches, remove old switch from rack, re-rack new switch
  • Cut over connections, including ISL's to 2 other blade chassis edge switches, these 2 edge switches have no ISL between them, each Blade chassis edge switch only connects to the Top of rack "OldSwitch" (I was planning on leaving the Edge Switches on, but could this invoke a selection on each switch when the Principal is switched off?)
  • power on new switch

Any tips??



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Re: Replace Fabric Principal Switch


about fabric principal, they can find common topic here in the community, simple use search feature

i.e. please refer this thread


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